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Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.


Enhancing life time of plastics face from microbes

An antimicrobial additive is an active agent that when included in the processing of a material will inhibit the life or growth of microbes. These microbes can include a variety of organisms such as bacteria,mold,fungi,algae & viruses which are prone to attack untreated plastics resulting into slight discoloration, foul odours & polymer degradation.

We care for health & safety in day to day life

Our Antimicrobial additives are incorporated into a wide variety of plastics made of PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc to prolong their life, maintain their aesthetic appeal, or reduce surface bio burden . Technology available with us inhibits the growth of microbes on plastics surface, during processing they provide biocide treatment to control germs or fungus.
read more Our products goes into wide range of applications such as Hygiene products, Medical devices, Foams used in mattress, Films(food packaging), Non woven fabric, Children’s furniture, Swimming pool plastic items, Plastic toys, Sports equipment, Water tanks, Home appliances, Food processing machinery, Crates used for food items, Food Containers, Knife, Cutlery sets, Bathroom products, Garbage bins, Electronic devices , Toilet seats, Public transport – Seats, handles & other plastic items, Plastic composites used in Automotive , Aerospace, Health care, etc.

How it works

Silver-ion-based inorganic compounds are the common antimicrobial additives. In the presence of moisture an electro chemical reaction releases silver ions that penetrate microbes rendering them unable to function, grow or reproduce.
read moreTechnically, Silver ions remains one of the few substance which has a high kill rate on contact with the micro organism thus preventing them to acquire Immunity. Chemically, it’s known as Ag2 ions having high potency against a host of microbes.


Very stable Silver ions are held and released from a glass matrix which is well dispersed in all preparations with high degree of efficacy . Controlled and sustained release of Silver ions gives consistent performance over a long period of time.Silver ions remain stored in the polymer are gradually made available as the surface is abraded microscopically.

Effect of Antimicrobial Additives in Plastics

As the Silver Ions migrate to the surface of plastic products, it comes in contact with the infection and disease causing micro-organisms. These Silver ions then attach themselves to the cell wall membrane and starts destroying it , which permits them to penetrate into the cells and disrupt their metabolic functions.
read more In fact, Silver Ions are highly reactive and readily bind to the electronic doner groups with the prime targets being the thiol groups ( -SH ) which are commonly found in enzymes of the microbes. Besides that Silver Ions also react with the base pairs of DNA thus preventing DNA replication.

Product attributes

For injection molded or extruded thermoplastic polymers, an extensive set of specialized pellet-based masterbatches are available to ensure seamless incorporation. Our Antimicrobial additives helps to keep plastic products and surfaces cleaner by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, such as unsightly mould and mildew.
read more Our customised chemistries are incorporated into plastic products at the point of manufacture and provide ongoing protection for the expected lifetime of the product. Our antimicrobial technologies for plastics can be integrated without affecting gloss or matte surfaces, color, durability and resistance to cleaning solvents.
ProductDescriptionDownload TDS
Plast Anti Microbial It is an active agent that when included in the processing of a material will inhibit the life or growth of microbes. Download TDS

Key advantages of Bajaj Antimicrobial Additive

Hygene Care

Our antimicrobial plastic additives create inherently cleaner and more durable plastic products. These invaluable features make antimicrobial added plastics perfect for use in hygiene critical, high-traffic environments such as hospitals, food processing facilities, household items and schools.


Our scientifically proven antimicrobial technology will provide lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses by up to 99.99%,

Value addition

It preserves the aesthetics of plastic products by minimizing the presence of stain and odor-causing bacteria, for example Toilet cisterns, seats, etc.

To kill / slow down microbes

This actively inhibits the growth of microbes that will prematurely degrade plastics. This means your antimicrobial plastic product will benefit from an increased life expectancy and is less likely to end up as plastic waste.


Antimicrobial plastics are registered by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & those medical devices in which they are being used are regulated by FDA . Also they are approved for food contact, being listed on EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) as well.
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