Non-woven fabric is made from Polypropylene by spinning them using heat and air into long fluffy threads, then pressing them together between hot rollers to get a flexible but solid fabric with a weave-like texture. It comprises of web structures bonded together by entangling fibres mechanically, thermally fusing the fibres or chemically bonding the fibres. It has a random arrangement of fibres which enables high particle filtration & they are highly breathable.

There are many types of Non-woven PP fabrics, the most commonly available are Spun bond, Melt blown & Spun lace. They are engineered fabrics that can be made as single-use disposable or very durable. They are used in many applications such as Food grains bags, Hygiene products, Wet wipes, Personal protection equipments in Health care, Liquid cartridge and bag filters, Face masks, Air-conditioning filters, Soil stabilizers , Erosion control, Drainage systems, Insulation , Pillows, Cushions, Carpet backing, Automotive headliners and upholstery, House wraps, Disposable clothing (foot coverings, coveralls), etc

Applications of Non Woven Fabric

Grocery Bag

House wrapper

Soil stabilizer

PPE kit


N-95 Mask


White Masterbatch for
Non Woven Application

PLAST SUPER 141 PP With 70% TiO2 content having superior dispersion, opacity, gloss, ease of processing and food packaging compliant. Also, they do impart heat resistance & UV protection to the end product to certain extent.

Color Masterbatches for
Non Woven Application

PLAST COLOUR produced with high pigment loading to provide light fastness, migration resistance, dispersion, thermal stability , food contact compliance & colour consistency for every supplied lot. We can offer wide range of Colours from our existing product range or customize based on pantone shades given by clients.

Black Masterbatches for
Non Woven Application

PLAST BLACK with Carbon content – 40% & 50% made from high quality carbon black, filler free with excellent jetness & dispersion

Filler Masterbatches for
Non Woven Application

PLAST FILL & PLAST HIGH MIX to increase output, ability to down gauge, reduce material cost and energy cost saving

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