Electrical & Electronics

From simple cables and household appliances to smartphones, many of the latest devices created in the Electrical & Electronic sector capitalize on new generation plastics. Thanks to its manifoldness and versatility, plastics contribute significantly to innovation in the electrical and electronic sector.

Designers of electrical and electronic applications rely on plastics because of their unique features such as resource efficiency and long term energy storage, light weight, electrical and mechanical resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity if desired, fire safety after FR formulation etc

Electronics Applications

Hair Dryer Body

Food processor

digital watch

extrusion wire & cable

Electric shavers

razor parts


power bank


Product Applications

Agriculture, Horticulture & Plasticulture

Automotive & Transportation

Building/Construction & Infrastructure

Electrical & Electronics

Living Spaces & Lifestyle

Medical, Health & Hygiene

Textile and Fibers

Product Packaging

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