Agriculture, Horticulture & Plasticulture Applications

The use of Plastics in Agriculture often called as “ PLASTICULTURE” enables farmers to secure and significantly increase their produced output , enhancing the crop quality and protected cultivation with significant reduction of water & other resources wisely. As a well established Masterbatches manufacturer in India, we provide complete solution for Agriculture

Agricultural Applications

Food Crate

Green House

PE & EVA based films


LLDPE based pipes, sprinklers, Valves, connectors, etc

Silage Wrap

Multilayer PE based Stretch wrap films, bags , tubes, etc.


LLDPE based pipes, sprinklers, Valves, connectors, etc

Mulch Film

Multilayer films (LLDPE, LDPE)

Product Applications

Agriculture, Horticulture & Plasticulture

Automotive & Transportation

Building/Construction & Infrastructure

Electrical & Electronics

Living Spaces & Lifestyle

Medical, Health & Hygiene

Textile and Fibers

Product Packaging

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