Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.


This additive are highly bitter compound which is unacceptable to termites & is formulated to protect polymeric products that are installed underground or along trunking channels, against vermin (especially termites) attacks.The active ingredients used are non- toxic repellents, which deters attack without causing harm to the vermins.
The active ingredients involved in it is harmless to mammals, but it causes nervous system disruption in insects. It acts as a barrier to prevent insects (termites mostly) and agriculturally harmful insects, etc from polymer based products.
read more Tests have been conducted in Government of India certified labs for efficacy & safety. There’s no evidence of carcinogenic , mutagenic or teragenic effects to human beings using this masterbatch while processing. Also those tests confirm the effectiveness forthis Anti termite additive for Insects in preventing damage to LDPE ,LLDPE based agricultural films as it acts as anti-termite as well as anti-Insect solution as well.
The anti termite active ingredient is approved for use in catchment areas.It effectively repels the termites from damaging the objects. The active substance used is non- hygroscopic, does not migrate within the polymer, and resists leaching under typical conditions.

Key advantages

Excellent protection for plastic based items against termite attacks

Heavy metal free & environmentally friendly

Could be used at low dosage level ( 1% also)

Easy to store, handle and process

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