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Blow Moulded Tanks

In Blow moulding of a water tank, the production involves a heated hollow filled with a charge or shot weight of pulverized material comprising of LLDPE with additives and colours incorporated in it. Main advantages of Blow molded water tanks low investment cost on machinery set up, rust resistant, corrosion free, customizing wall thickness , etc. Blow moulded tanks generally comprises of 2/3 layers which are identified by lifting the lid and detecting the number of edges inside the tanks. These layers attribute characteristics such as UV resistance, leak proof, anti microbial, anti oxidant ( heat resistance) and durability for many years.
As a well established Masterbatches manufacturer in India, having established our operations since 1989, we provide complete range of Masterbatches required for manufacturing of Water Tanks as given below :-


having superior dispersion, opacity, gloss, ease of processing and food packaging compliant. Also, they do impart heat resistance & UV protection to the end product to certain extent.


considerably improves the overall performance & longevity of end product. They act as Modifiers, Property enhancers , Processing aids, etc to add value to Water Tanks.


PLAST COLOUR enhances aesthetic value of the product with high pigment loading to provide light fastness, migration resistance, dispersion, thermal stability , food contact compliance & colour consistency for every supplied lot.
Our Masterbathces have been customized for Blow Moulded water tanks made of HDPE , having long term enduring service life and ensures defect free to a greatest extent. With growing demand for Multi-layered tanks , our products adds value to it in terms of aesthetics, protection against environmental stress & moisture, Colouring , Opacity , UV & heat resistance, anti microbial, anti oxidant and extended durability for many years.

Our Masterbatches offered

White Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch

Advantages of Using Bajaj Blow Moulded Tanks

High durability

High Strength

Double-wall construction

Consistent wall thickness


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