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Bajaj Provides all types of multilayered application products solutions like cost, quality & properties etc. We also provides high efficiency and fast production, multilayered packaging is often opaque due to metal films used. It has ability to prevents light from reaching products. Multilayered Packaging can decrease shelf life for edible products. Bajaj Masterbatch provides customized products as per customer requirements.

Monolayer films

made of LDPE, LLDPE, HM HDPE, etc are cost effective , widely used for various Industrial applications such as Packaging films, Protection film, Shrink & Cling films, Water pouches, Paper match film, Stretch film, Dust covers , Liners for bags, Agricultural film, Barrier film for food packaging, HM carry bags , etc.

Multilayer films

made with LDPE , LLDPE , HDPE are of 4 types as given below :
A-B Type 2 layer blown films are cost effective and widely used in applications such as Agricultural films, Mulch film, Construction films, Detergent bags, Heavy duty bags, Shopping bags, Garment packaging, Shrink film, etc.
A-B-A / A-B-C type 3 layer blown films are called for unique combination of mechanical strength, barrier properties, etc , hence they are widely used in applications such as FMCG & Industrial Packaging, Agricultural films, etc.

Multilayer films

5 layer PE blown film has the combination of skin & core layers with diverse film properties , significant capabilities and cost advantages when compared to conventional 3-layer films. It has wide applications in collation shrink films , laminates , edible oils, ghee, etc.
7 layer blown films comprises of PE , PA , EVOH with symmetrical & asymmetrical complex structures . It has wide range of applications such as films for long shelf life packaging of edible oils, UHT milk, liquid and solid container liners, frozen food packaging, meat packaging, vacuum packaging, barrier thermo formable film for trays, cups and lid etc.

Advantages of Using Bajaj Film Solutions

Complex Part Design

High Efficiency- Fast Production

Enhanced Strength

Flexibility- Material and Color

Reduced Waste

Low Labor Costs

Product Solutions for Blown Film Application

Color Masterbatch
for Blown Film Applications

White Masterbatches
for Blown Film Applications

Black Masterbatch
for Blown Film Applications

Transparent Masterbatch
for Blown Film Applications

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