Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.


Rats can be a big problem because they are attracted to the smell, color, and texture of plastics. They particularly enjoy the plasticizers that are used to make wire and cables.
It comprises of Micro porous polymer filled with the mixture Of Odour emitting chemicals and very bitter compounds Converted into plastic masterbatch which dissuades rodents from damaging plastic items. This product has long lasting effectiveness due to controlled release of active ingredients , hence it enables increased life of finished products.

How it works

Anti Rodent Masterbatches are made with non toxic and non hazardous ingredients which is an extremely pungent tasting material for rodents, thus effectively keeping rodents at bay . It acts by emitting an odor which is unpleasant to rodents & also contains special chemicals which rodents find extremely unpleasant to nibble, creating immediate foul reaction while they chew plastic items containing this masterbatch.
read more This ensures that there is no danger of fires occurring due to electrical short circuits caused by rodents have eaten away the electrical insulation wires and cables, which frequently happens . So we can save plastic products like tarpaulins, power cables, wires, plastics doors etc. from rodents. We do recommend dosage @ 2-3% and it’s effective at low addition levels as well . It’s easily dispersable in the final product without affecting polymer properties.
Anti rodent additive is being tested and certified as Safe by Government of India certified labs for efficacy & safety. There’s no evidence of carcinogenic , mutagenic or teragenic effects to human beings using this masterbatch while processing.
Besides Domestic, Industrial Wires & Cables , this product could be used in drip irrigation pipes, automotive cables, Trash bags used in Restaurants, Hospitals, etc , Food grain bags, Warning tape for underground utilities, etc.

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