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A flexible intermediate bulk container, jumbo, bulk bag, super sack, big bag, or tonne bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and granules of plastic. Technically and functionally it’s defined as an intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric, which Cannot be handled manually when filled , it is intended for shipment of solid material in powder, flake, or granular form, does not require further packaging & it is designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral, permanently attached devices (lift loops or straps). PE Liners in FIBC Bags protect the goods from contamination, moisture, and oxygen. It serves as efficient moisture vapor barrier to protect fine powdery products and work well to retain moisture or oil– or to block moisture out.
Specific varieties of FIBC Bags with static control characteristics are perfect for the purpose of stacking, storing, lifting, and transporting petroleum and other flammable products. These bags are resistant to sparks and static which ensures safety during transportation.

Why Bajaj ?

High quality white masterbatch
With our stringent , consistent quality standards we do offer a complete solution to FIBC / Jumbo bags applications with our product basket comprising of Fillers , Modifiers ( compounds) , White (TiO2) , Colour & additive masterbatches to ensure that our customers gets Cost advantages without compromising quality , Increased Production output without any rejections / wastages, reduced break down time and Value addition in terms of property enhancement of PP fabric , protection & enhancing aesthetics.
We do comply with all International standards required for masterbatches & fillers essential for FIBC /Jumbo bags. We do customize as per the specifications of our customers based on their products portfolio & end applications.
Striving hard and persuasive in our efforts pave way for us to get away from frequent quality defects in this FIBC applications such as Tape cutting, Water carrying, Powder formation, etc.

Unique features

high weight capacity

For FIBC applications, our fillers with CaCO3 can be loaded upto 10% on total weight of the jumbo bag. Our specialized fillers has finely grounded CaCO3 with an average particle size (d50) in the range of 1-3 microns (ESD – equivalent spherical diameter) & other larger particles size has a top cut (d97) preferably in the range of 10microns.

excellent anti-fibrilation or splitting of tapes

Our Fillers used in FIBC applications not only meant for cost advantage by replacing a part of virgin polymer but also facilitates excellent anti-fibrilation or splitting of tapes ,allow higher draw ratio for yielding higher strength, enhances anti-slip properties by adding friction on the surface to certain extent , improves extrusion process efficiency & improves stiffness of the fabric.

enhancing the dispersion

We do have speciality compounds better known as Modifiers comprising of Polypropylene blended with elastomers for enhancing the dispersion of CaCO3 fillers in the base polymer, reduces powder formation, polymer degradation, increases production outputs & aesthetics

sophisticated fillers & compounds

Our Product basket in addition to sophisticated fillers & compounds , it has a complete range of Masterbatches meant for FIBC and it’s significance is given below :

White Masterbatches

Plast modifier additive masterbatch

Due to its high opacity, uniform dispersion , particle size distribution , low yellowness index, high whiteness index, gloss , etc .

It’s used in PP tapes woven as fabric and PE liners used inside the FIBC bags as well. Our products are food & ROHS compliant.

UV Masterbatches

Having incorporated specialized molecule with hindered amine light stabilized chemistry, it’s well designed to provide longevity to FIBC bags by protecting the polymer substrate from breaking down in spite of extreme weather condition, solar radiation with uv rays penetration during transportation & storage of goods . We offer both Food & Non Food compliant grades based on requirements along with ROHS compliance.

Additive masterbatches

1.Anti block masterbatches facilitates co-efficient of friction & prevents sticking of PE films used as liners in FIBC ,

2.Antistatic masterbatches neutralizes the build up of static electric charges enabling FIBC bags to prevent occurrence of flammable sparks while carrying inflammable items

3.Conductive Compound with fine quality of Carbon black pigment which is susceptible to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and facilitates electric conduction in conductive FIBC bags to dissipate electrostatic charges.

Trouble Shooting Guide

FILM PUNCTUREHold up particleClean the die lip , optimize temperature profile.
TAPE BREAKAGETemperature profilesCheck hot plate temperature, reduce quench tank temperature
Stretch ratioReduce
Die build upSet die gap
Stretch ratio
Increase oven / hot plate temperature
DENIER VARIATIONDie gapAdjust accordingly & clean it if required to get uniform thickness.
Temperature profilesCheck uniformity on hot plate
HIGH ELONGATIONTemperature profilesIncrease oven / hot plate temperature
Reduce quench tank temperature
Air gapReduce
Stretch ratioIncrease
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