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Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.
Plast Clarify
Plast Clarify

Bajaj Plast Clarify

polypropylene clarifier is a type of nucleating agent used in the processing of polypropylene (PP) polymers.

Polypropylene (PP)

  • Polypropylene is a widely used crystalline polymer made from the polymerization of propene monomer.
  • It can form three basic chain structures: atacticisotactic, and syndiotactic, depending on the position of the methyl groups.
  • Isotactic polypropylene (iPP) is a semi-crystalline polymer commonly employed in various applications like automotive parts, appliances, piping, and packaging.

Crystallinity of Polypropylene

    • The crystallinity of PP is characterized by:
      • The shapes and sizes of the crystallites.
      • The crystallinity ratios.
      • The orientation of crystallites.        
    • Nucleating agents and clarifiers play a crucial role in controlling crystallinity during PP processing.

Role of Nucleating Agents and Clarifiers

  • Nucleating agents (also called nucleators) and clarifiers enhance the crystallization process in molten PP as it solidifies.
  • They speed up and tune the crystallization, allowing adjustment of the end properties of semi-crystalline polymers.
  • Benefits of nucleation in PP include:
    • Improved clarity and reduced haze.
    • Enhanced strength and stiffness.
    • Higher Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT).
    • Reduced cycle time and warpage.
    • Uniform shrinkage.
    • Improved processability in specific applications.

How Clarifiers Work

Clarifiers essentially jump-start the crystallization process as the PP resin cools inside the mold.

    • Non-clarified PP tends to form crystals larger than the wavelength of light, resulting in opacity.
    • Clarifiers induce the formation of smaller spherulites that scatter less light, leading to improved transparency.
    • When PP becomes highly transparent due to clarifiers, it is referred to as Clarified PP.

Common Applications of Plast Clarify

Food Containers

Transperent Carry Bags

Flexible Tubes

Transperent Bottles

Wrapping Paper

PP Films

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