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Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.
Matt Masterbatch Compound
Matt Masterbatch Compound

What is Matt Masterbatch?

Matt masterbatch, also known as matt compound, is a concentrated mixture of pigments, additives, and carrier resins. It is designed to be added to natural polymers during the plastics transformation process

Matt masterbatch additives compound is a specialized formulation used in the plastics industry to achieve specific visual and functional properties in plastic products. Whether you’re looking to enhance the surface appearance, improve mechanical properties, or achieve a unique color effect, matt masterbatch additives can play a crucial role.


Matt masterbatch serves multiple purposes, including coloration, surface coating, and texture modification. It allows manufacturers to achieve a matte finish without compromising other properties of the plastic.

Manufacturing Process

The production of matt masterbatch involves heating a carrier resin, incorporating pigments or additives, and then cooling the mixture. The resulting granules are easy to handle and disperse uniformly in the polymer matrix.

Matt masterbatch additives compound is a versatile solution for achieving specific visual and functional effects in plastic products. Whether you’re a packaging manufacturer, an automotive supplier, or a consumer goods producer, consider incorporating matt masterbatch into your production process for superior results. For more information or to explore customized formulations, contact our team at Bajaj Masterbatch. We specialize in high-quality masterbatch solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Common Applications of Matt Masterbatch

Matt masterbatch finds applications in various industries, such as packaging, automotive, consumer goods, and textiles. It is commonly used in the production of matt films, laminates, and injection-molded parts.

Packaging Films

Dashboard panels

Mobile phone cases

Laptop shells

TV bezels



Nonwoven materials

Here are some properties and characteristics typically associated with Matt masterbatch:

Matte Appearance

Matt masterbatch provides a non-glossy, velvety surface finish. It is ideal for applications where a sleek, matte appearance is desired.

Improved Surface Coating

By using matt masterbatch, manufacturers can achieve consistent and uniform surface coating. This is especially important for packaging materials and consumer goods.

Texture Modification

Matt masterbatch can alter the tactile feel of plastic products. It enhances grip and reduces slipperiness.

Color Consistency

 Whether you need standard colors or custom shades, matt masterbatch ensures color consistency across batches.


Matt masterbatch allows cost-effective coloration and surface modification without the need for additional processing steps.

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