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We provide industry-specific, quality-tested masterbatches in seven main categories for almost all types of polymers.


Pale Applications

Bajaj Provides all types of woven sack products solutions like cost, quality & properties etc. It is most widely used for packaging in bulk commodity, and it is flexible. woven fabrics are very strong that’s why woven sack bag will be used multiple times. They are naturally resistance to tearing. woven sack bag could be printed on either one side or two side. These bags have better burst strength and any other plastic bag. Bajaj Masterbatch provides customized products as per customer requirements.

Why Bajaj Color Masterbatches?

Our color matching & formulation services carried out in our RnD equipped with latest technology , world class facilities with state-of-the art manufacturing facilities make it easier to blend custom colors to suit client requirements in various applicaitons.

Color and opacity performance can vary with thickness, letdown, polymer selection and processing conditions, however we offer complete solutions to our clients to determine their suitability for specific applications. We are committed to offer our wide range of Colour masterbatches to add value in customer’s business emphasizing our motto


Consumer & Household Products

high quality color masterbatch


Industrial Products

Advantages of Bajaj Color Masterbatches

Heat stability

Heat Stability

light fastness

Light fastness

uv stability

UV Stability

Advantages of anti termite additive masterbatch

Environmental Stability

Plast Blue Colour Range

It is used for giving different blue colour shades to the plastic.

plast blue 520 color masterbatch

Plast blue 520

Plast blue 521 color masterbatch

Plast blue 521

High Quality Plast blue 522 color masterbatch

Plast blue 522

Plast blue 523 color masterbatch

Plast blue 523

Plast blue 524 color masterbatch

Plast blue 524

Plast blue 525 color masterbatch

Plast blue 525

Plast blue 526 color masterbatch

Plast blue 526

Plast blue 527 color masterbatch

Plast blue 527

Plast blue 521 color masterbatch

Plast blue 528

Top quality Plast blue 529 color masterbatch

Plast blue 529

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