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  • Pink

  • Ivory

  • Beige

Bajaj Plast Pink/Ivory/Beige colour masterbatch series is used for giving different Pink/Ivory/Beige colour shades to the plastic products.The masterbatches are avilable in different particle sizes. We are a bulk supplier of high quality Pink/Ivory/Beige masterbatches pan India & abroad.
  • Beige

  • Ivory

  • Pink

PLAST PINK is a mixture of concentrates in granular form from base resin, metallic pigments and plastic additives. With the support properties for plastic products as well as the color-making function, they are widely used in many applications. Scientifically speaking , besides being light tint of red having white shade incorporated in it , pink is often considered to be a basic colour term on its own.
From business perspective pink can also be used as a color of defiance, rebellion and innovation, as it is associated with calmness, kindness and femininity. They convey energy, excitement, fun, and youthfulness.
Developed specific shades for Household items, Cosmetic packaging, Kids play items, etc.
It has good colour strength to use at low LDR % with excellent dispersion with good heat stability, light fastness , no leaching of chemicals and weather resistant.
All our products are Food grade , ROHS compliant . We have a wide range of grades catering to Injection , Blow moulding , Blown film, Raffia and so on.
Bajaj provides tailor-made solutions for Pink/Ivory/Beige Colour. Need a custom Pink/Ivory/Beige colour for your product? Select the preferred colour from the shades below, or share your colour requirement with us.


WE at BAJAJ PLAST make many color masterbatches created through the combination of the three principal color elements known as 3 chromatic properties, namely

  • HUE ( Specific colour name ) ,
  • VALUE ( Amount of light in colour – Brighter / Darker)
  • CHROMA (Degree of colour – Stronger / milder )
Our color matching & formulation services carried out in our RnD equipped with latest technology , world class facilities with state-of-the art manufacturing facilities make it easier to blend custom colors to suit client requirements in various applicaitons.
Color and opacity performance can vary with thickness, letdown, polymer selection and processing conditions, however we offer complete solutions to our clients to determine their suitability for specific applications. We are committed to offer our wide range of Colour masterbatches to add value in customer’s business emphasizing our motto BEST QUALITY = HIGH PROFIT

Plast Pink Colour Range

It is used for giving different Violet colour shades to the plastic.

Plast pink 1101

Plast pink 1102

Plast pink 1103

Plast pink 1104

Plast pink 1105

Plast pink 1106

Plast pink 1107

Plast pink 1108

Plast pink 1109

Plast pink 1110

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