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A tarpaulin is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof & fire resistant material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane, or made of plastics such as polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE) . LDPE tarpaulin sheet is mainly used as a protective covering from harsh weather conditions for domestic and industrial purposes. LDPE tarpaulins are often used in construction sites as scaffolding screens as well as for marketing purposes like billboards, advertisement banners etc. HDPE tarpaulins are made from premium quality woven HDPE fabric laminated with LDPE on both sides. There are various qualities and thicknesses available which are made using multiple layers of HDPE sandwiched between layers of LDPE on the outside. This is widely used for transportation purposes.Each tarpaulin is made with panels of even tone and is U.V. stabilised by incorporating U.V additives in it. A border is made and a rope is provided along the border to provide strength.

Why Bajaj ?

For HDPE & LDPE based Tarpaulin applications with GSM varying between 80 to 450 GSM, Our product offerings are Fillers and Masterbatches which are exclusively designed out of state-of-the art technology in manufacturing and continuous innovation in our RnD enforced with precise quality control for every batches.
Our dedication to the requirements of every client is producing the most reasonable and time-effective with custom-made options based on the specific properties required for Tarpaulins such as Uniform dispersion, Heat stability, Light fastness, Weathering resistance , Mechanical properties ( Tensile, Elongation, Hardness & Impact strength) and so on.
We do continuous improvement through our RnD to keep our customers are completely satisfied, working directly with them to uncover their processing issues, quality improvement and value addition to their end product by all means.
Having been genuine developing relationship with our clientele that last for more than 3 decades with endurance , We ensure ourselves to stay challenged, curious and involved in market dynamics with competition and strive hard to give complete possible solution to our customers by all means.
In spite of our established presence in masterbatches industry, we keep learning our client specific industry, processes, technology changes and specifications at all times.

Unique features

good strength- weight ratio

Our Fillers & Masterbatches deliver higher blocking, slipping resistance , folding and creasing quality to HDPE & LDPE tarpaulins. Maintains a good strength- weight ratio in the final product.

Uniform dispersion

With uniform dispersion during the process , free from contamination, moisture and other defects we ensure that the surface of final product achieves matte appearance suitable for printing .

Heat stability and light fastness

While addition of Colours add value to the tarpaulins with excellent heat stability during processing and light fastness during exposure to sunlight , our UV additive acts as an essential ingredient for protecting tarpaulins as weather proof and prevents polymer degradation in due course of time.

Added Modifiers for more strength

Besides Fillers , we also offer our elastomer based compounds called Modifiers to ensure that the tensile , tear strength & elongation of Tarpaulin is very much improved allowing the complete protection even when they are stretched.

resistive to stains

Our products are resistive to most of the chemicals causing stains, it’s safe for use with no toxic elements in it , also they are Food & ROHS compliant.

Trouble shooting guide

FILM PUNCTUREHold up particleClean the die lip , optimize temperature profile.
TAPE BREAKAGETemperature profilesCheck hot plate temperature, reduce quench tank temperature
Stretch ratioReduce
Die build upSet die gap
LOW TENACITY (TENSILE STRENGTH)Temperature profilesIncrease oven / hot plate temperature
Stretch ratioIncrease
POOR ADHESION / DELAMINATIONImproper polymer melt getting on to the substrateIncrease barrel temperature between 280-300c.
Lack of chemical bondingIncrease air gap between die and nip roll for better bonding / adjust the speed.
Improper material contentAdjust LDPE % on HDPE fabric coating.
Void in polymer meltPre-heat properly to avoid moisture or avoid volatile content in polymer .
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