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Reprocessing is a process of using those waste plastics or by-products which were generated during manufacturing of plastic materials whilst Recycling is the process of treating the once consumed plastic materials in such a way that it could be again used in production of further Plastic materials.

Reprocessing is a multistep process that includes cleaning, inspection and assembly, functional testing (if applicable), packaging and labelling and storage.

Recycling is a process that involves collection, sorting, washing, resizing, identification and compounding. The first step of polymer recycling is the collection of waste polymer, which is to be processed for recycling.

Advantages of Reprocessing & Recylcing are given below :

It Conserves Energy

Reduces Air and Water Pollution

Greenhouse Gases

Natural Resources

Circular Economy

3 Stages of Plastic waste prior to Recycling

  1. While Manufacturing ( Post production)
  2. When Packing is done
  3. During Collection
      i. B 2 B ( Customer to Customer)
      ii. B 2 C ( Customer to Consumer )

In General , we can classify waste in to 3 grades namely

  • Post production wastage as “A” Grade
  • B 2 B (ie) Customer to Customer wastage as “ B” Grade
  • B 2 C (ie) Customer Consumer wastage as “C” Grade which may comprise of Grades “A” & “B” as well.

In all the above cases of Plastic waste collected and seggregated , we need to do  Washing by air & water before pursuing into subsequent steps of Recycling.Plastic has become such an integral part of our lives, but it has also clearly become an environmental problem. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the keys to reducing waste.

    It emphasizes on reduction of non-essential usage of plastics to the best possible extent we can. For instance, soft plastics are often impossible to recycle because they get caught in moving machine parts, causing them to get stuck sometimes. We can expedite the feasibility to switch over to a harder plastic like PET which can be recycled.
  • REUSE:
    Although reusing plastics at the manufacturing stage can be hard but it’s viable, for instance, by using 3D Printing & another way is to make sure that the product has individual pieces that are easy to maintain or change. This will enable to repair and re-use the plastic products instead of buying a replacement.
    In spite of complexity in this process, nevertheless we can make the “Best” from “Waste”, it all begins with sorting the plastic by type. There are seven types of difference types of plastics as shown below :

Steps involved in Plastic Recycling

Significance of Recycling - Need of the hour

Recycling is the foundation of a circular economy in the global scenario (ie) retaining the value of plastic waste into reusable form in the economy without causing harm to the environment. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative in nature which implies that plastic materials constantly flow around a “closed loop” system, rather than being used once and then discarded polluting the environment.
Read More  Having identified selective sectors , key driver being Packaging segment, WE at BAJAJ is mobilizing our best resources by providing masterbatches to ensure that highest degree of Plastics in Packaging segment is being recycled . In order to facilitate such a formidable task, major challenges are emerging in terms of sorting of waste to produce a high- quality Post consumer recyclate (PCR) & issues related to stabilization, coloration, safety & processing.
As we are committed to offer our customized solution for PCR , we bring in our utmost knowledge & experience gained over more than 3 decades in various applications and market segments to overcome the challenges and harness the opportunities in the new era. We have established our full fledged dedicated Team comprising of Production, RnD, Technical support and Sales force to understand the recycling market dynamics , to remain at the forefront of products and solutions that increase the quality of PCR by all means.

WE at BAJAJ offer below products to cater this segment

Anti Oxidant additive masterbatch

plast antioxidant additive masterbatch
During processing the combination of heat & exposure to oxygen can cause plastics to lose mechnical properties or become discoloured & black spots may occur which renders the material unsuitable for re-use again. PLAST ANTI OXIDANT are added during PCR compounding or the production of new packaging made of recycled material acts as a solution to these problems . This inhibits thermo oxidative degradation of plastics by reacting & deactivating free radicals, hydro peroxides evolved during the process at elevated process and service temperatures in the presence of oxygen. It helps incorporation of PCR (Post consumer recyclate) & PIR ( Post Industrial recycled) made from waste or used plastic items into Virgin polymers for sustainability with economic objectives. Especially for PE Pipes applications wherein virgin and recycled plastics are used, antioxidant facilitates critical parameter like OIT ( Oxidative Induction times Testing). OIT test is a measure of how well PE pipes are stabilized in manufacturing , welding & long term strength conditions.

Dessicant Masterbatch

Plast dessicant additive masterbatch
Post consumer mixed recycled polyolefins (PCMP) generally incorporate polar contaminants & responsible for moisture absorption leading to bad smell , as a consequence , it’s necessary to dehumidify the recycled material before processing it. PLAST DESSICANT chemically reacts and binds with moisture irreversibly and becomes part of the product, it is stable upto the process temperature of the recycled polymers. Since most of the polymer converters are not generally equipped with dehumidification facility at their end, in order to retain the future circular economy perspectives for recycled materials, our dessicant additives serves as an alternative measure to drying process with ease of using during PCMP extrusion. Besides this objective, it also prevents the loss of mechanical properties of final products such as Tensile strength, Elongation , Impact & Compressive strength resulting from porosity induced by moisture in final articles.

Processing Aid Masterbatch

High quality Plast PPA Additive masterbatch
As the melt behavior of PCR polymers differs from that of virgin material leading to a higher risk of building up around the die during extrusion process , it can lead to polymer degradation and discoloration subsequently. Our PLAST PPA comprises of fluoropolymers undergoes phase separation and it does coating of die walls facilitating the polymer to glide over them with less friction, reducing shear stress & pressure during the process.
During the processing of recycled PE resin into a recycled film, the output is often limited by the converter’s production capacity & need for additional equipment for optimizing productivity. Also, recycled PE can be prone to degrade during processing which can also impact processing efficiency to a greater extent, as a solution, our PPA could increase recycled film output and drive the demand for recycled PE resin without the need for significant additional equipment investment. It facilitates sustainable film solutions ( Post consumer PE film) leading to profitability for the converters .

Odour Remover

It’s a well known fact that the demand for plastic consumer items is increasing and the volume of used plastics in landfills also. In addition to this, the reuse of household plastic waste is limited by its high content in food waste & cleaning products that are absorbed into the polymeric matrix, contaminating the material and being responsible for unwanted & unpleasant smell of the polymer. These odorous substances are generally called as VOC’s ( Volatile Organic compounds) that cannot be removed by conventional washing in PCR process. Generally VOC’s cause the bad smell of recycled plastics , both inside the polymer matrix as well as on the surface of the plastics.
Therefore, there’s a need to efficiently & environment friendly decontaminate these domestic plastic waste for subsequent use as a raw material in order to reduce their presence in landfills, to reduce operating costs in the recycling industry, as well as to increase the added value of the product.
We do offer our PLAST ODOUR NEUTRALIZER which acts by oxidation of Odour creating substances or by absorption. They do react on a molecular level to neutralize odours in PCR without relying on chemicals. The fundamental mechanisms involved are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility and reaction.
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