Each type of Filler masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.


PLAST CRISTAL fillers is a sodium base transparent filler masterbatch , it is a perfect blend of ultra fine particle size inorganic transparent powder Na SO4 with Virgin Polyethylene & performance additives at right proportions to suffice the properties required for the end applications.
read more Our feedstock raw materials are imported from well renowned sources being used worldwide with consistent product quality and best in class service standards always.
Our PLAST CRISTAL filler is produced with state-of-the art technology & sophisticated equipments in sync with full fledged RnD & Quality Assurance departments
read moreto ensure moisture , contamination free products with uniform particle size distribution, excellent dispersion , good bonding with adhesion, low Coefficient of friction, etc.
It is compatible with all kinds of Polyolefinic resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE , PP and also Recycled Polymers in order to enhance
read morethe volumetric output & economize the final product cost by all means without affecting necessary quality parameters essential for the end applications.
Improves specific properties such as Tensile strength, Flexural strength, Anti block characteristics, Rigidity, Stiffness, Tear strength, Surface finish, Optimum transparency, Printability, etc .
Also they make the end product economical as it acts as a partial substitute for polymer resins. Usage varies between 10-20% depending on specifications.
It is non-toxic, eco friendly and food grade compliant.


Almost all plastics are made from petroleum feedstock & the price of plastics inexorably increases whenever abundance of oil and gas declines. In contrast, our BAJAJ FILLERS are available at any given point of time throughout the year and our prices climb at a much slower pace, with the consequence that filled plastics become more commercially attractive year after year. The same resins are available to all but by using our fillers , one can craft formulations that outperform and get a cutting edge in the market in spite of fierce competition with so many suppliers.

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Benefits of Bajaj Filler Masterbatch

Heat Stability

Light fastness

UV Stability

Environmental Stability

Food Contact Application

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