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Leno weave (also called gauze weave or cross weave) is a weave in which two warp yarns of Polypropylene are woven around the weft yarns to provide a strong & sheer fabric. The standard warp yarn is paired with a skeleton or ‘doup’ yarn; these twisted warp yarns grip tightly to the weft which causes the durability of the fabric. Leno weave produces an open fabric with almost no yarn slippage or misplacement of threads. Leno bags are made from such fabric whose primary characteristics are good aeration & strength. They are available in various sizes ranging from 5 to 50kgs and it’s used for packing & preserving material for vegetables such as potato, onion, ginger, garlic, cabbage , peas , etc & fruits such as pineapple, citrus fruits, raw mango, coconut etc. The Leno bags are made on circular/ Flat weaving leno looms having widths ranging between 30cm to 200cm. Generally denier of 600-650 is preferred, the length varies as per the customer’s requirements. Mouth sewing will be seem or overlocked / chain stitching . Leno bags are availabled in wide colours but most preferred are Red, orange, Yellow, Green & Blue . It’s easy to do labelling , lamination & printing.

Why Bajaj ?

Having complete product range in our basket such as CaCO3 & Talc based Fillers, Modifiers & Stiffeners (ie) elastomeric compounds, Colour & Additive masterbatches, etc we offer a complete solution to Leno fabric & bags manufacturers.
Consistent product quality, sustainable cost-effectiveness in sync with market dynamics and best in class service through our Customer relationship persisting for more than 3 decades.
Our products are manufactured with state of the art technology and full fledged RnD lab with Quality control & Assurance to ensure offering our customers best in class , consistent quality masterbatches for this applications.

Unique features

high-quality ingredients

We do use world renowned high-quality ingredients ( Polymer, Pigments, Additives, etc) to ensure our customers to get conviction on our batch to batch consistency & they admire us for Gloss, high purity, temperature stability, weather fastness, no moisture, contamination , long term endurance , etc.

free from tape cutting

During the PP tape manufacturing , our fillers & masterbatches are well proven to be free from tape cutting, water carrying , mesh choking, powder formation, etc.

Long Lasting Color strength

Also we ensure that our Color masterbatches will last for long time with excellent colour strength at low loading, gloss, light fastness , no migration & bleeding .

prevent the polymer degradation

Our UV additives prevent the polymer degradation during the leno bags gets exposed to solar light and besides that weatherability characteristics are also established .

Trouble shooting guide

FILM PUNCTUREHold up particleChange screen pack. Check Raw Material Moisture. Check heat stability of master batch.
GELS, HARD OR UNPLASTICIZED PROFILEImproper back pressure. Improper temp gradient. Moister in master batchChange temp. Profile. Use fine wire mesh. Reduce die lip opening. Reduce adaptor flow area. Change screw geometry. Pre-dry master batch.
DENIER VARIATIONExtruder surging. Film thickness variation across width. Spacer thickness variation. Improper drive PerformanceReduce throughput rate. Increase die volume. Adjust die lip. Check uniformity of die temp. Check spacer thickness. Use carbon steel blade. Check drive performance. Check temperature of orientation unit across width. Check flow velocity of hot air across width.
TAPE BREAKAGEImproper stretch ratio. Low orientation temp. Hold up particle in film. Very stiff film. Extruder surgingIncrease stretch ratio. Increase orientation temperature. Refer problem of film puncture and gels, hard or unplasticized particles. Increase distance between die opening and water levels in tank.
Low stretch ratio. Too soft film. Low orientation tempIncrease stretch ratio. Increase distance between die opening and water level in quenching tank. Increase orientation temp
TAPE FABILATIONTape too stiff Scratches on tape moving path.Polish tape moving path. Use wear resistance material items.
SHRINKAGE IN FABRIC/ CURVED TAPEResidual stress in tapeCheck annealing system. Increase annealing temp. Check cooling efficiency of roller.
Contaminated die lipAdjust die gap & clean die if needed
Non uniform film thickness.
Blunt cutting blades on spacer rod
Replace damaged cutting blades
Wrinkles in films/ tapesAdjust temperature during film manufaturing for wrinkles
Serration on hot plate
Lower hot plate temperature
Increase hot plate / oven temperature
Too high stretch ratioReduce stretch ratio
Higher winding tensionAdjust winding tension and check traverse guide of winders.
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