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What is Fragrance Masterbatch?

A fragrance masterbatch is an ingredient that lessens the off-putting plastic odour, increasing consumer attractiveness. It is frequently applied to toys, household goods, and personal care items that are blow-moulded or injected.

A particular smell, such as lavender, rose,
jasmine, vanilla, eucalyptus, mint, strawberry, or lime, can be added to the product by using the fragrance masterbatch.

Here are some properties and considerations associated with fragrance masterbatches while purchasing-

Fragrance Stability

The fragrance is to be stable under processing
conditions such as high temperatures and shear forces encountered during extrusion or moulding. Stability ensures that the desired scent remains intact throughout the manufacturing process and the product’s lifespan.

Safety and Regulations

Our Fragrance ingredients used in masterbatches are
complied with safety regulations and industry standards governing the use offragrances in consumer products. This includes ensuring that the fragrance components are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and compliant with relevant regulatory requirements.

Odor Intensity and Persistence

This masterbatch delivers the desired level of
fragrance intensity and persistence to meet consumer preferences and product requirements. The scent is noticeable without being overpowering and lasts for an extended period after the product is manufactured.


Manufacturers often consider the cost-effectiveness of fragrance masterbatches compared to alternative methods of scenting plastic products, such as post-processing treatments or incorporating fragrances directly into the resin.

Product Data Sheet


Plast Fragrance is a masterbatch formulated in PE carrier resin that offers several fragrance and can even tailor make a fragrance as per your favourite perfume. Our range of inFragrance Masterbatches includes – Jasmine | Lavender | Rose | Sandalwood | Chocolate | Lemon Lime | Orange| venila

Key features

In the plastic product processing, add the perfume masterbatches, then the finished product
will contain perfume flavor. In order to increase the finished product compatibility with plasticmaterial, we should mix perfume Masterbatches with plastic material in advance, and then process by general method.


Fragrance – Jasmine |Lavender |Rose
Sandalwood | Chocolate | Lemon
Lime | Orange| Venila ..  Etc Flavors

Carrier Resin


Form / Colour

Off White Pellet

Typical Properties

Specific Gravity (g/cm3 ) - ASTM D 792

1.10 + 0.10

Moisture Content - %

0.10 + 0.06

Bulk Density – (g/cm3 )

0.60 + 0.10


Our product To improve finished products market competitiveness, perfumeMasterbatches is extensively used in toys(Plastic toys, pet toys , long fur toys) craftwork, fragrance theca, daily products, stationery, inner decoration for Automobile, cosmetic
product, health care product, etc.


1 % – 3 %


RoHS. Please ask for any other specific compliance requirement


Store in a well ventilated, dry area not exposed to direct sunlight


Fragrance masterbatches find application in various industries where adding scent to plastic
products enhances their market appeal or functionality. Here are some common

Recycled Plastics

Fragrance masterbatches are frequently used in the recycling industry to add pleasant scents to reprocessed plastics.

Personal Care Products

Plastic items such as shampoo bottles, body wash containers, and lotion dispensers canbenefit from fragrance masterbatches. Scented packaging can complement the fragrance ofthe product inside, creating a cohesive sensory experience for the consumer.


Fragrance masterbatches are incorporated into automotive components like car interiors, airvents, and storage compartments to provide a pleasant aroma inside vehicles. Scentedplastics can contribute to a more comfortable and inviting driving experience.

Toys and Novelties

Scented plastic toys, games, and novelty items appeal to children and consumers looking for unique sensory experiences. Fragrance masterbatches are used to add enticing scents to these products, enhancing their marketability.

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