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We provide industry-specific, quality-tested masterbatches in seven main categories for almost all types of polymers. Send us your requirement today.

Bajaj Masterbatches Applications

Injection Moulding

Blow Moulding


Woven Sack


Pale Container

Blow Moulded Tanks

Bajaj Masterbatch

Quality. Consistency. Service.

Why Bajaj ?


Technical expert team to provide flexible and complex innovative solutions.


Inhouse complete lab testing facilities for producing high quality products.


End-to-end solutions for smooth integration and delivering best product in shortest time.

Bajaj Logo Gattu
Unique selling point

Unique selling point 34 years of experience and 300 types of products for any requirement.

tailor made

Tailored made solutions to create precise solutions as per customer's requirement.

Color Masterbatches

Wide range of standard and customized color solutions.

White Masterbatch

Highly loaded premium TiO2 masterbatches designed to give maximum whiteness.

High quality white masterbatch

Black Masterbatch

Designed for better quality standards and multiple applications.

Black Masterbatches

UV Masterbatch

Protects plastics from degradation due to UV radiation.Based on Hindered Amine Light.

uv masterbatches

Fillers / CaCo3

Used in plastic industries to modify various properties of the base plastic or plastic polymers.
Filler Masterbatches

Transparent / Talc

For Better Clearance and Brightening

Transparent Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch

Wide range of innovative and highly efficient products for additive applications.

Antistat additive masterbatch
Anti-Fog Additive masterbatch
Plast-Anti-Microbial-Anti-Fungal additives masterbatch
Lubricant Additives masterbatch
Plast-Antioxidant additive masterbatch
Anti-Rodent Additives masterbatch
Smell-Remover additive masterbatch
Oxo-Biodegradable Additives masterbatch
Antiscratch Additives masterbatch
Anti-Termite Additives masterbatch
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