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Bajaj Provides all types of extrusion coated products solutions like cost, quality & properties etc. We also provides fast production by keeping all four factor in its proper proportion because it affect the coating performance. Provide moisture barrier property. It reduces loss of content. Bajaj Masterbatch provides customized products as per customer requirements.

Benefits of extrusion coating:

  • Fewer non plastic component goes under recycling process
  • It offer saving in terms of space and output
  • Moisture barrier property provide

Applications of extrusion coating:

The major applications area of extrusion coating are

  • Tarpulin
  • Woven Sack for fertilizer packaging
  • Coating on conventional jute bag
  • Soap Wrap
  • Pharmaceutical strip packaging
  • Cable Wrap
  • Coating on paper used in packaging of salt & sugar

Bajaj Masterbatch Application