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Each type of additive masterbatch has some special properties to improve the end plastic product.
Conductive Masterbatch
Conductive Masterbatch

Conductive Masterbatch

Conductive masterbatch is created by blending a base resin material with carbon black and other additives. During processing, this masterbatch is mixed with the base material in specific ratios to enhance the conductivity or anti-static properties of the resin. It’s a versatile tool that finds applications in various industries and processes.

Black conductive masterbatch
conductive black masterbatch

The primary purpose of conductive masterbatch is to provide electrical conductivity in plastic applications, particularly for static charge dissipation 

Conductive Masterbatch Advantages

advantages of black masterbatch

Ease of processability

black masterbatch advantages

High jetness

advantages of black masterbatches

High gloss

uv protection blackmasterbatch

UV protection

Why Bajaj Plast Conductive Black Masterbatch

We produce regular black masterbatches for general purpose applications providing a good balance of performance and economics such as agricultural pipes and drip irrigation systems, rotationally moulded tanks, crates and bulk handling moulded items such as trash bins, garbage bags, reprocessed polymer applications for general purpose film and moulding applications.

Key Features:

conductive black masterbatch

Carbon Black and Formulation Masterbatch

  • Carbon black, a key component, contributes to the conductive properties. It’s formulated with precision to achieve consistent quality, excellent dispersion, and specific performance characteristics.
  •  conductive compounds offer benefits such as opacitycolor strengthUV weathering resistance, and, most importantly, electrical conductivity.
Product Solutions for Compound Masterbatch

Typical Applications Of Masterbatch

Anti-Electromagnetic Interference

Conductive masterbatch is widely employed to mitigate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). 

Antistatic Properties in Electronic/Micro-Electronic Devices

In the realm of electronics and micro-electronics, conductive masterbatch plays a crucial role in imparting antistatic properties to plastic materials. 

3D Printing

Conductive masterbatch is compatible with 3D printing processes

Petroleum and Chemical Industries

Conductive masterbatch is valuable in environments where flammable gases or liquids are present.

Military and Aerospace Applications

The military and aerospace sectors rely on conductive masterbatch for various purposes.

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